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An Old Man de-Composing

Don’t be confused by the imagery above.

  • My legs don’t work like that. My knees hurt all the time.
  • I’m never in that kind of hurry as I leave early to get a good parking space near the elevator.
  • I don’t have that much hair anymore.
  • That cool European backpack lasted about 10 minutes and has been replaced by one worthy of Kilimanjaro as these textbooks are heavy.
  • Skirts are worn by a wide variety of people around here — don’t make assumptions.
  • There are trees and long, long, infernally long sidewalks on campus — so that’s true.
  • The music building looks like a post-industrial operating room where Stepford wives are built. It doesn’t look like a cute school house.

Here’s some compositions I’ve created while taking classes. Not the dumb stuff, but the reasonably okay stuff. In music school, we’re actively engaged in creating music that sounds ridiculous and takes explaining. I’m trying to minimize the stupidness of it all, but gosh it’s alluring to put wrong notes and goofy rhythms down on paper.

Pretty Good Stuff


String Trio: Before the Ice PDF

Guitar: Sparks of Octarine PDF

Saxophone, Piano & Voice: Bill’s Sonnet No. 2 PDF

Piano & Voice: Lost Waltz PDF

Percussion: An Old Lawnmower PDF

Just for Kicks

Piano: Smarmy Theory 1 Final PDF

Brass: Four Trumpets PDF